IoT Automation Solutions for Home, Building & Hotels from ControlAny

ControlAny aims to provide an integrated solution with IoT connected smart devices wirelessly via modern and integrated IoT platform. We are here to redefine the concept of Smart Living.

It’s More Than Just
Laptops & SmartPhones

IoT Automation Applications for Infrastructure & Open IoT Platform

Our extensive experience with IoT / M2M, Mesh Systems has empowered us to develop a consistent approach to transforming smart things interacting with different line of business. ControlAny offers services in following segments to provide a comprehensive range of IoT solutions.

  • Infrastructure

  • Environmental
    Monitoring Sensors

  • Smart Devices

  • IoT Development platform

With an intelligent ControlAny network infrastructure, you can improve operations, increase safety, security and gain valuable data insight to streamline automation of home, hotel and office.


Combination of IoT technology coupled with cloud computing enables a paradigm shift in understanding & management of the natural environment, ControlAny provides solutions from nutrient balance of soil, weather forecasting to pollution control.

Monitoring Sensors

Control Any is designed to support complete IOT and M2M ecosystem and benefited into potential appliances to manage sustainable system.

Smart Devices

ControlAny provides an open IoT platform for programmers to work on a range of hardware, middleware and application layer to develop the integrated solutions for multiple domains.

IoT Development platform

Some Core Facts

Stay connected with smart devices and enjoy endless opportunities with IoT.

Plays Well with All Products

ControlAny controller can communicate with many different brand's devices.

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