Smart Hub for Complete IoT Automation Systems

ControlAny is an IoT powered intelligent automation solution having the potential to seamlessly integrate hardware, middle-ware and even software (or application). Smart devices can internally communicate with each other and be controlled by user for its efficient functioning as per the requirement.


Why ControlAny

IoT Connected Devices/Gadgets and Sensors to Unlock Smart Living

Unlike other automation solutions available in the market, ControlAny is not limited to accessing only those devices present in their HUB. It is expandable to integrate any third-party devices as well as other HUBs to offer complete and foolproof automation solution to its users. In addition to that, ControlAny provides a reliable platform for developers to build their own automation product or an application.

Product Specification


1.2 GHz - Quad Core Processor
with 1GB RAM

Communication Protocols

Zigbee, Zwave, Wifi, BLE,
Mesh Networking

Storage Memory

8GB Internal
Expandable upto 32GB

Power Requirement

5 V, 2 AMPS

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Meet the App

Control From Anywhere

It offers you 24x7 connectivity with complete smart home system, even while you are away.

One App,
Limitless Possibilities

It is not just an ordinary automation solution; it is much more than that.


Get alerts and notifications to be updated of all the activities and stay connected with your family.

Monitor & Protect What Matters the Most

IoT sensors protect your home from all kinds of calamities and any kind of suspicious activity.

Works with all your Smart Devices

Use Cases

ControlAny aims to provide affordable, easy to install, simple yet highly intelligent home automation system, which makes your life easier & relaxing with additional benefits like energy efficiency, security and freedom.

  • cases


    Smart living at its best with home automation. ControlAny product makes your home smarter and saves power.

  • cases


    Building automation is an innovative solution for automatic and single interface control for whole building.

  • cases

    StreetLighting Automation

    Street lighting automation makes public assets more secure, smarter and also helps in saving power.

  • cases

    PublicBuilding & Offices Automation

    The system automates public places like hospital, bus stands and offices and along with power optimization.

  • cases


    Switch to smart classes (which are also secured) that use latest teaching technology to impart education.

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