IoT Powered Entertainment Automation Systems

Smart entertainment solutions allow you to have single control for all entertainment devices of any manufacturers. You can control all remote based devices from our single mobile application interface.

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ControlAny devices control features of your smart devices with mobile application to monitor its operation and working.

How it works

Internet of Things entertainment system reads your device configuration to integrate it with the central remote control. At the time of installation, all that you have to do is select your device from ControlAny Application's Configuration Setting. This eliminates the need to manage multiple remote controls for different devices. With entertainment ecosystem being centralized, user can operate all the devices at their fingertips.

Some Core Facts

Meet the ControlAny smart IR device integration application where you can find IR based device control support from unified interface.

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Control all of your smart devices on the go with the ControlAny App. This free easy-to use app lets you receive alerts, trigger actions and communicate with your home - no matter where you are.

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