ControlAny Smart Street Lighting System

Smart street light solution serves citizens, minimizes energy use and carbon emissions- helping cities lower costs and reduce maintenance. With intelligent control systems, Control Any’s Smart light solutions can rapidly increase lighting efficiencies, enhance traffic management, monitor parking, and improve visibility on the road.

Business Challenges

  • Understand solution requirement according to needs of the area/zone
  • Oversee performance and manage energy consumption data
  • Manage and control the maintenance costs & schedule
  • Reduce Green House Emissions

Solutions Implementation

Smart Street Light with a plethora of custom offerings based on client requirement.


Smart street light features to help smart cities overcome today’s challenges

ON/OFF/ Dimming

Intelligent ON/OFF switching after a specified amount of time.


Automated and manual streetlight management system.

Geo Location

Smart Street Lights solution highlights lighting needs of the future smart cities.

Edge Computing

Edge computing to ensure connected cities, intelligent buildings, smart traffic lights and more.

Reduced Burn Time

Street light functionality can be easily adjusted with changing sunrise/sunset times.

Energy Savings

Lights can be monitored and controlled using command center.

Inventory Management

Reduce hardware installation & maintenance costs.

Carbon Emission Reduction

Achieve carbon emission with smart lighting solutions.


Street lighting solution with the capability to remote monitor and seamlessly control street lights.

Use Cases

ControlAny aims to provide affordable, easy to install, simple yet highly intelligent home automation system, which makes your life easier & relaxing with additional benefits like energy efficiency, security and freedom.

  • cases

    Parking Light

    Effective parking management providing information about available parking in populated areas.

  • cases

    Railway Station

    Wide range of smart street lighting solutions to effectively manage train station operations.

  • cases

    Bus Stand

    Smart bus stand to enhance passenger experience, provide information to the passengers for effective integration of smart city functions.

  • cases

    Public Park

    Smart Street Lighting design and solutions in public parks for energy efficiency.

  • cases

    Street Light

    Smart street lights to reduce power wastage due to unnecessary lighting of street.

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